Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

The Horizons School provides a community-based educational program promoting successful transition to independent living for young adults with learning disabilities, autism spectrum and developmental disorders.

Core Values

As a school, we believe that our focus on these core values will enhance our efforts to model and practice adult independent behavior. As a staff and faculty, we strive to exhibit these values in our work and interactions with our students.


The practice of truthfulness. Willingness to face the consequences of personal behavior choices.


The practice of compromise, communication and working together.


The practice of acts of kindness, caring for and sharing with others with no obvious personal benefit.


The practice of doing what is necessary and right even when being afraid.


The practice of waiting appropriately for an answer, reward or for your turn.


The practice of listening and responding to others appropriately. Valuing the uniqueness of others.

Work Ethic

The practice of working toward task completion in a timely manner. Showing evidence of good attitude, responsibility, punctuality and hard work.