The Horizons School offers ongoing individualized contracting support to adults in the areas of Career Services, Supported Living, College Support Services, Social Club or Functional Literacy. Services are delivered in the individual’s residence, workplace and other community settings. Families contract monthly or by trimester for services based on the service and the adult’s demonstrated need.

New clients must participate in an Intake Assessment, in which prospective clients complete an evaluation, identifying areas of needed support. The applicant will receive an Individual Service Plan (ISP) with recommendations for contract services. The School’s Transition Coordinator will regularly review the progress of learning goals specified in the ISP and recommend adjustments.  

  • Supported Living provides individualized supports for adults residing independently in the community, practicing Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), but require assistance in some areas (e.g., maintaining a clean, safe residence, shopping for groceries, follows a meal plan, paying bills, attending to health and hygiene needs).
  • Career Services is available to adults displaying basic proficiency with ADLs, plus prevocational skills, even if some assistance is needed (e.g., adult-appropriate behavior, basic communication skills for self-advocacy, uses transit to access work and the community). Services may include guiding adults in identifying and applying for career opportunities in the community, interviewing skills, resume building, business communication skills, and additional career supports as needed.
  • College Support Services are available for adults enrolling or have enrolled in a university or college. Supports provided may include guiding adults in better understanding learning strengths and challenges, communicating with an academic advisor or instructors, negotiating accommodations, and practicing self-advocacy and executive functioning skills (i.e., study skills, time management, goal planning).
  • Social Club is an opportunity for young adults to collaboratively plan and participate in up to three recreational community outings and one restaurant outing together each month. Adults meet monthly and practice negotiation and communication skills with guidance from instructors.
  • Functional Literacy teaches adults basic functional reading, math and money skills to enhance community independence and employability.

To discuss your needs and develop a services plan, please contact Shon Jackson at or (205) 322-6606.