Every three years, The Horizons School surveys our graduates and their families to gauge current independence in order to continually evaluate and improve our program. To read the full report from our most recent survey (conducted in 2019), click here.

Horizons was great for Linda. The program gave her skills and confidence she didn’t know she could have. She does well, but continuing health issues keep her from working and being more independent. She learned so much at Horizons to be as independent as possible in Houston, a large city. Transportation and social aspects are the biggest challenges.

Myrtice attended Northern Michigan College and went through their dental assisting program. She was not able to pass college-level Algebra to be certified. She now works in food preparation at a luxury residence for seniors. She lives where there is lots of activities, so she interacts with people all day long.

Latrice flourished during her attendance at The Horizons School. She gained new self-confidence that we had never seen before. Latrice is working part-time and attending a social group for young adults with developmental disabilities (mostly autistic). This group has been very beneficial for her, but does not come close to the social life she had at Horizons.

Bruce is doing well right now! He is working full-time as an assistant to a top-notch plumber and is working to become an apprentice. He is playing for a soccer team in a league for young adults and now has a gym membership and is working out and using it. He still has friends from Horizons and they get together from time to time. He is putting himself out there socially more than before (Horizons). I am proud of him. Thank you, Horizons, for everything!

Horizons is a wonderful place and I would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation.