From Our Directors

From Our Director

We are glad you want to know more about The Horizons School! It may seem overwhelming to consider all that one must learn to assume adult roles at school, home and in the community.

  • Who teaches young adults to follow a daily schedule, live within a budget and prepare nutritious meals?
  • Who guides young adults to develop friendships, use public transit and prepare for employment?
  • Who helps them to manage personal health and leisure time?

We do this and more at The Horizons School! Our experienced staff will guide your young adult
through real-life experience in an authentic community setting. Your student will live and learn away from home, develop a group of friends, and workin local businesses.

Horizons students develop, implement and evaluation personal goals. For instance, students acquire skills to manage maintenance medication and clinical appointments. Horizons students learn to use public transit for errands, work and appointments. They shop for groceries after planning weekly meals and budgeting for expenditures.

We offer individuals with learning and other disabilities an inclusive, holistic life preparatory program! Surveys completed by alumni and families reveal a majority of our graduates successfully live independently, manage personal needs, and maintain paid employment. We feel proud of their many achievements!

Visit our web pages to learn about our programs, students and faculty. Contact us to answer your questions about our curriculum, admissions, financial aid, residential life, or giving opportunities. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Dr. Brian F Geiger, Executive Director

From Our Assistant Director

Thank you for visiting our site! We know that this is an exciting but stressful time for your family. Choosing a school for your son or daughter is an important decision.

We understand your concerns and value the trust you place in us as we transition your young adult to an independent life. As a parent of a son with a developmental disability, I know first hand your apprehension at sending your child to live away from home, possibly for the first time.

Every student that enrolls at The Horizons School comes to us with a unique set of strengths and challenges. We work with each student individually to nurture those strengths and interests and help them to understand and minimize their personal challenges. We understand that the world cannot always adapt to their needs, so we help them to function in the world as it is. We work closely with each student to help them reach their maximum level of independence. Many of our students will be able to live and work independently in the community with minimal family support. Others may require continued assistance withe budgeting and money management or complex medical issues, for example.

It is exciting and rewarding to see our students as they begin to take on those adult responsibilities and blossom in their new independence. Your role  in their lives will change as well and we provide educational opportunities for family members so they are able to lessen their management of every aspect of their adult child’s care and encourage them to begin their independent lives.

Please contact us to find out more about our program and visit our school. We are excited to share what we do.

Dr.Karen Dixon, Assistant Director