The Career Team develops and maintains relationships with community partners to give our students the opportunity to practice employment skills in real-world environments that are easily accessible to our students (walking distance or on public transit route). Each student moves from activities such as research, speakers, field trips and career exploration, to internships and paid employment.

Year One:

  • Structured classroom lessons and discussion
  • Online courses for job specific knowledge and skills
  • Field trips to Community work sites
  • Interest inventories and job skill assessments
  • Completion of three unique job shadows
  • Assessment of prevocational skills such as self-management, communication, socialization, stamina, hygiene
  • Students displaying prerequisite skills may begin internships during summer trimester

Year Two:

  • Business Communication and computer classes
  • Online courses for job specific knowledge and skills
  • Mock job interviews
  • Part-time supervised internships in the community for those prepared for placement
  • Site visits by staff to monitor student progress

Year Three (Optional):

  • Continued classroom instruction in seminar format
  • Continue online courses for job specific skills and knowledge
  • Expansion of job tasks and weekly hours in the workplace
  • Continued site visits from the Career Team to monitor progress and job performance
  • Supervised job search for paid employment

The Horizons Training Café

The Horizons School recently launched a small in-school training café to give students an opportunity to practice customer service, mathematics, inventory, safe food handling and hygiene skills. Students will run the café a couple of mornings a week before classes, serving coffee, hot chocolate, juice and healthy snacks to classmates and faculty