Post-Secondary Special Education Teacher

Damon Carter has been teaching at the Horizons School since 2005 and has taught domestically and abroad since 2002.  He began his teaching career at Oak Mountain Youth Resources where he taught middle and high school English in a confined residential mental health setting.  It was there where he gained a passion for working with individuals with psychological and learning differences.  He moved on to teach English as a second language in Seoul, South Korea until 2005.  Since then he has primarily taught money management Horizons, but he has also contributed instruction in the areas of social skills, cooking, fitness, apartment search, life management, computer, transportation, and creative writing.

He received his B.A. from the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.  While a student there he also worked as a tutor for the UAB Athletic Department.

Damon’s hobbies include cooking, beer and wine making, backpacking, boating, hunting, carpentry, and gardening.