The Horizons School programs enhances students’ independence across four domains, Personal Independence, Social Independence, Career Independence and Self-determination. Students learn skills that specifically address each area of independence.

Personal Independence 

  • following a daily schedule to manage life skills (hygiene, shopping, meal preparation, laundry, organization and cleaning)
  • taking initiative to schedule individual appointments and plan transportation
  • managing personal finances
  • practicing health and wellness behaviors (home safety, health insurance, medication management, clinical appointments, responding to illness)
  • residing in the community, alone or with a roommate

Social Independence

  • forming reciprocal relationships with peers
  • planning social activities at home and in the community
  • using media responsibly
  • participating in hobbies, recreational activities or volunteering

Career Independence

  • developing prevocational knowledge and skills to transfer to paid employment
  • preparing a resume documenting knowledge, skills and abilities
  • participating in work site visits and job shadows
  • completing online and prevocational training
  • applying for internships and paid work
  • working cooperatively with others
  • maintaining a job over time and increasing employee responsibilities


  • asserting individual rights
  • practicing problem-solving for challenging situations
  • regulating desires to meet daily responsibilities
  • flexibility in changing situations
  • achieving short- and long-term goals