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2017 Student of the Year

This award recognizes one special student who has earned distinction over a period of two academic years. It is difficult for faculty and staff to select only one deserving student. The recipient of this award has demonstrated extraordinary personal growth and advancement across the curriculum.

CJ0_4652This year’s recipient, Devin Orkin, receives praise from his worksite supervisor and faculty for dependability, kindness and willingness to help others. Devin shows courage when accepting challenges to enhance his level of adult independence. For instance, he readily greets visitors to our school, helping them to feel comfortable.

Devin agreed to be interviewed by local media promoting our school fundraiser, not an easy task to be featured on a live morning newscast!  He was elected to the position of President of Hearts of Horizons, our student service organization. Devin helps to organize students and plan service activities benefiting the community.

His faculty advisor, Mr. Carter, wrote, “Devin has improved in so many areas–the most important of which is self confidence…Devin has grown so much more comfortable in his skin than he was the first day I met him.  He is proud of what he has learned, acknowledges his shortcomings, and accepts responsibility for himself and his future like an adult should.“

Congratulations to our 2017 Student of the Year – Devin Orkin!

2017 Graduates

Congratulations to our 2017 Core Curriculum and Community Transition graduates!

Grads 2017

(Core Curriculum Graduates from left to right: Devin, Klaudia, Liam, Jon & Isaiah)

3rd Year Grads 2017

(Community Transition Graduates from left to right: Sarah, Kelly, Noble & Nick)

Parent & Family Weekend Highlight: Consumer Fraud Protection

During our recent Parent and Family Weekend, The Horizons School invited students, their families and community members to learn more about protecting yourself from consumer fraud, online security threats and scams.  A panel of experts (an information security engineer, a banker, and a member of the local better business bureau) gave their insights and answered audience questions.  In addition to that, some of our students put together the video below to illustrate practical ways to protect yourself from identity theft.  Enjoy!

Introducing Horizons Social Club

The Horizons School is happy to announce Horizons Social Club.  This new club is open to contracting students and alumni (graduated in 2014 or later) who would like to learn the necessary skills to plan and implement social events with their peers.  They will practice leadership and communication skills and work cooperatively to access the community during evenings and weekends.

What can participants expect?

  • Meet with the Social Group and choose community-based activities per month
  • Become the event planner and assist your peers in creating a game plan
  • Meet 1 on 1 with staff members to make sure your event goes smoothly
  • Create entries on the school’s News & Resources page to highlight events

If you would like to participate this summer, please register before June 2.

Membership is $600 / trimester.

Questions?  You can call (205.322.6606) or email Mrs. Sherman ( or Mr. Jackson (